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Making the World a Better Place in Fiji, the Fun Way

Have you ever felt like doing something to help change the world? Has the thought that there are millions of people around the world who need help ever cross your mind? The truth is, for most, these are questions that merely remain as thoughts. Many feel the world is too big a place, or that actually doing something interrupts what they do and takes a lot of hard work. There are many people who sincerely want to do something but never seem to find time of from their work to lend a hand. The Involvement Volunteers Association Inc. or IVI, with its volunteering overseas program, may just be the perfect solution to complement one's life. The program uniquely blends both work and play. Its very philosophy that asks "What is my unique contribution to this world? What will I be remembered for?" stands for most of the questions that almost everyone goes through sometime in their lives.

Living with some 'moral' guilt may no longer be necessary as you try IVI's volunteering overseas program. Appeasing those conscience calls and at the same time having fun touring places, off the regular beaten tourist paths, are now easily possible with IVI. The program provides viable options for people of all ages and commitments ranging from students to corporate professionals and from family groups to disaster relief parties.

IVI provides options that are suitable for a wide variety of budget ranges as well as time spans. One's choice of countries for volunteering overseas is also extensive, with a system allowing applicants to select areas they prefer most. After over 25 years of helping aspirants volunteer overseas, IVI has all the necessary support systems and expertise to ensure both affordable and safe volunteering stays for all its participants.

While essentially a nonprofit organization, IVI recognizes that the people volunteering overseas also need time and space to act independently, and hence ample time is provided in which volunteers can go out and glimpse a sneak peak at the real world out there and interact with natives in their own turf. Check out

One such place on the world map is the beautiful archipelago of Fiji. With its 330 tropical islands, it is a veritable paradise with its best point being that it is away from the tourist hordes that crowd most beaches in the world in the present day.

To volunteer in Fiji, an applicant has only to fill in an online application, a door which may open to a matchless experience of living like a local in Fiji without the rough bits. Volunteering services here can be given in the orphanages, special needs schools, animal shelters, libraries and also in the disaster management and first aid program. Students can also volunteer in the Fiji gap year program, opening up this tropical haven to a much wider group of volunteers. Also the best part is that most of the volunteer Fiji programs start from a minimum of one week and thus allow a greater number of people to fulfill their own little bit towards improving the world and making it a better place ‘for you and for me and the entire human race’.

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