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What You Should Find in an Aged Care Residence

Finding an aged care residence shouldn’t be hard as there are many out there that can be spotted in the city, near suburban homes, or even close to where you live. However, what you need to find is a reliable aged residence that can provide the needs of your elderly loved ones. Before you go visit any care homes, you need to list down the type of care that your elderly loved ones require and the type of environment that you want them to live in. You can talk to a carer and ask for their opinion or you can talk to other family members.

Some of the factors that matter are:

1.    Convenient Location
This is one of the important things that you need to consider. Your elderly relative should be near to where you are and it shouldn’t be a place where you find it a hassle to visit. Also, it needs to be near communities with churches, grocery stores, and boutiques wherein seniors can enjoy strolling around when they are out. Private home care centres allow seniors to walk around with the assistance of their carer if and when they need it.

2.     Health and Wellness
When you are in a particular home care, ask about the aged care services they provide. Do they have doctors who visit after hours? Do they have dentists to check up on your elderly relative’s dental health? Will there be any exercise programs that an older adult can engage in? You need to make sure these things are being prioritised by the aged residence so you can ensure that your relatives will always be in good health.

3.    Activities for family and visitors
Since your relative will be spending most of their days inside an aged care residence, it is your priority to visit them at least thrice a week or depending on the visiting hours set. Ask if there are any activities where you and your family can play a part in or you can ask where visitors need to be during visiting hours. Knowing the activities that you can engage in is very important as it can help maintain a strong bond with an elderly loved one.

In Arcare, visits are given top priority, and elders are given an opportunity to get to know other residents and their families. Getting in touch is also given importance, which is why family members are encouraged to take photos and share them throughout the residence, as well as send emails, cards, and letters.

4.    Safety and Security
Safety and security are two of the things that you need to consider when putting your elderly loved one in an aged care residence. Look around the facility and check whether it is safe for your elderly loved one to walk around outdoors. Check if there are fire safety arrangements to make sure that the facility is always ready in times of emergency. Lastly, you need to know if there is a security guard who watches over the entire facility.

The best aged care residence will meet all these requirements, making it an ideal choice for a senior loved one. Find out more