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The Microsoft SharePoint Server is often regarded as the Ultimate Collaboration tool for most businesses. When it is appropriately deployed, businesses are able to unlock plenty of advantages that are built into this robust collaboration and site development tool. These include more secure processes which can be managed via an environment that is quite familiar and seamlessly deployed into the business collaboration infrastructure. The Microsoft SharePoint Server can be deployed in the business on-premise or alternatively as a hosted service. SharePoint is built with integrated features that enable businesses in quickly responding to their critical needs while relying on the business insights which are data-driven. Microsoft SharePoint Designer training equips you with the capability to competently manage these applications and develop quality applications which are predictable and cost-effective.

The Microsoft SharePoint Designer training course is suited for a delegate that has SharePoint experience. This can be a SharePoint Power user such as a site owner or a Site Collection Administrator that is interested in customizing the SharePoint design or in adding extra functionality to the SharePoint sites. The course equips the delegates with the skills to make use of the SharePoint Designer tools as well as the features in the creation and customization of the SharePoint sites. With the Microsoft SharePoint Designer training course, a delegate will also be able to perform the following functions:

  • Creating and administering of permission groups
  • Creating and formatting of the web pages
  • Creating and editing of the links
  • Adding and modifying of the lists as well as the library views
  • Creating and styling the master pages
  • How to customize the Quick Launch as well as the Top Link bars
  • Developing the site pages and understanding both the use of the HTML and CSS styling

Course Prerequisites

A delegate wishing to undertake the Microsoft SharePoint Designer training course must have undertaken an introductory course on Microsoft SharePoint for end users. It would also be advantageous if one is equipped with knowledge of both CSS and HTML although these are not necessarily essential.

By the end of the Microsoft SharePoint Designer training course, the programmer must have learnt the following:

  • After the learning program, a delegate must be able to describe what SharePoint Designer is and outline its features, advantages as well as the options for support.
  • The delegate will be able to not only access but also modify data sources using a SharePoint site.
  • They will be able to develop Workflows using the Visio 2013 as well as the SharePoint Designer.
  • They will be able to create Workflows using the SharePoint Designer along with the SharePoint Workflow platform.
  • Learn the configurations and customizations of the content types in Microsoft SharePoint. This will ensure the consistency of data across libraries as well as lists.
  • Learn how to package and also deploy workflows by using the SharePoint Server as well as the SharePoint designer.

You can learn the SharePoint Designer training course offered by New Horizons Australia and increase your knowledge and expertise in the deployment and management of the platform. read more