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Australia Funeral Services That Make The Best Send Off

Death is such an unfortunate thing, as much it is hurtful it is also inevitable for every person whether young or old. When faced with the demise of a loved one, the best thing you can do is arrange for a respectable send off that will also serve as a remembrance for the years to come. Academy Funeral Services are a funeral home in Sydney dedicated to ensuring that you and your loved ones have an easier experience amid the painful loss.

Their qualified staff work with you in making funeral arrangements tailor-made to meet your wishes and desires as you create the last memories of your loved one. Even though Australia has a mixed cultural society, Academy Funeral Services are ready to meet your traditional needs and rituals or any special request you may have.

Among the popular funeral ceremonies that can be arranged at the funeral home include;

1.   Traditional Funeral Services

These services are meant to commemorate the life of the deceased whereby the funeral home arranges for an open or closed casket with the body present. Mourners will then gather to pay their last respects and express their condolences.

The service can help in the funeral home’s chapel whereby the various religious leaders (depending on traditions/customs) will preside over the ceremony after which the body will be taken away for burial.

In some cases, the whole ceremony is conducted at the burial site but still arranged by the Academy Funeral Services.

2.   Memorial Services

Academy Funeral Services are a funeral home in Sydney that also arrange for memorial services at the home, church or any place that is meaningful to the family. Memorial services are a bit different to traditional funeral services; there are no casketed remains – the body might be lost or not yet recovered. In this case memorial services are not necessarily held within days of the death but can be arranged for later on to meet the needs of the family.

Similarly to a funeral service, family and friends also have the opportunity to express their condolences either through video tributes, music, photo boards or memory tables among other things.

3.   Scattering

Academy Funeral Services can also organize for scattering occasions where the body is cremated. They will help you in finding an important place to dispose the cremated remains.

Apart from ceremony arrangements, Academy Funeral Services are a funeral home in Sydney providing customization of favors to personalize the funeral so you can say your good bye in a special way and send off your love in the best way possible. The funeral home offers personalized services such as;

·         Design and printing memorial books and cards

·         Personalization of funeral candles

·         Compilation of memorial music

·         Floral tributes

In conclusion, when faced with the demise of a loved one, you should deal with the loss alone; you can get great support and a lift of your shoulders by hiring the services of a funeral home such as Academy Funeral Services. Click the following link to learn more about their work.