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Corporate training is an essential part of every major and minor business organisation to prepare their employees at all levels to face the challenges they have to encounter in a highly competitive business environment. Training programmes for business executives at different levels used to be the dull classroom training sessions with Powerpoint presentations and guest lectures by some domain experts and so on. While these were good in content, the direct benefits accruing to the organisation could have been questionable. It requires a different approach and fun team building activities fall in this category of effective management training programmes.

Getting the Full Attention of the Executives

Over the years, the human resources development (HRD) teams have realised that it is not so easy getting the executives to attend such training programmes. Firstly, having the functional executives to be released for training purposes itself is tough. Most of them would be holding key portfolios, and their immediate superiors won’t easily release them for training, jeopardising their routine work. Even if they did attend these programmes, as mentioned above, their attention span would be brief and the desired objectives won’t be realised. So the companies sought the services of dedicated trainers, who take the groups of executives out of the corporate environment to places where there is natural environment with trees or rocks or forests, and camp there for some duration. The length of the camps can be 3 to 5 days and by the end of these exciting informal times the team has, they develop a nice bonding and working together under tough situations becomes second nature to them.

Types of Activities and Games Played

A few of the fun team building activities can be tried in the office environment as well, but the informal atmosphere and outfit help designing the activities better. There are two ways the training team can put the managers and executives through. One is where some tasks are given, and the group is divided into 2 groups and possibly a leader singled out in each. These tasks could resemble some of the activities in the corporate world. The teams then do their own brainstorming and delegate role play and come up with the solutions. Their activities are closely watched so that any corrections in the approach can be pointed out. The fun element has to be there in the way the task is handled. read more

Death is such an unfortunate thing, as much it is hurtful it is also inevitable for every person whether young or old. When faced with the demise of a loved one, the best thing you can do is arrange for a respectable send off that will also serve as a remembrance for the years to come. Academy Funeral Services are a funeral home in Sydney dedicated to ensuring that you and your loved ones have an easier experience amid the painful loss.

Their qualified staff work with you in making funeral arrangements tailor-made to meet your wishes and desires as you create the last memories of your loved one. Even though Australia has a mixed cultural society, Academy Funeral Services are ready to meet your traditional needs and rituals or any special request you may have.

Among the popular funeral ceremonies that can be arranged at the funeral home include;

1.   Traditional Funeral Services

These services are meant to commemorate the life of the deceased whereby the funeral home arranges for an open or closed casket with the body present. Mourners will then gather to pay their last respects and express their condolences.

The service can help in the funeral home’s chapel whereby the various religious leaders (depending on traditions/customs) will preside over the ceremony after which the body will be taken away for burial.

In some cases, the whole ceremony is conducted at the burial site but still arranged by the Academy Funeral Services.

2.   Memorial Services

Academy Funeral Services are a funeral home in Sydney that also arrange for memorial services at the home, church or any place that is meaningful to the family. Memorial services are a bit different to traditional funeral services; there are no casketed remains – the body might be lost or not yet recovered. In this case memorial services are not necessarily held within days of the death but can be arranged for later on to meet the needs of the family.

Similarly to a funeral service, family and friends also have the opportunity to express their condolences either through video tributes, music, photo boards or memory tables among other things. read more

History of AIW

The Association of Iranian Women (AIW) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that campaigns for the improvement of women's rights. AIW reports violence against women and works to eliminate gender discrimination. The AIW was established in January of 1993 to educate and empower Iranian women throughout the United States. The Association works towards building a network committed to the idea of advocating women's rights. Through the help of volunteers, the Association promotes opportunities with which Iranian women in the U.S. help themselves.


The source of motivation for AIW activities is the continuous subjection of women under the current non-Islamic Fundamentalist Regime in Iran. In the name of Islam, influential religious clerics (mullahs) have enforced measures which have stripped women of their social rights and human dignity. They have instituted a strict dress and "appearance" code for women in offices and public places, warning women about "improper smiles" in public, and influencing dehumanizing punishment on women for wearing makeup or accidentally allowing a strand of hair to escape from under their scarves. Under the guidance of mullahs, the government has dismissed all women judges and prosecutors as unreliable, prohibited married women from attending school and unmarried women from leaving the country, limited schooling for young girls and lowered the age of marriage to nine. As a result coercion, and insecurity within their own families. The mistreatment of women in Iran has motivated AIW to focus its work on so-called "Islamic Fundamentalism" as a form of oppressive political system, identifying it as one of the major problems our world faces today. Therefore AIW has placed the defense of Iranian women's rights on its agenda as a moral responsibility to identify and condemn the threat to women's rights.

Our Mission

· To cooperate with national and international organizations who defend human rights and adopt measures to globally promote women's rights.

· To participate in international and national meetings involving individuals and organizations committed to investigating the situation of human rights, particularly women's rights, and cases of specific violations of women's rights. read more