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Corporate training is an essential part of every major and minor business organisation to prepare their employees at all levels to face the challenges they have to encounter in a highly competitive business environment. Training programmes for business executives at different levels used to be the dull classroom training sessions with Powerpoint presentations and guest lectures by some domain experts and so on. While these were good in content, the direct benefits accruing to the organisation could have been questionable. It requires a different approach and fun team building activities fall in this category of effective management training programmes.

Getting the Full Attention of the Executives

Over the years, the human resources development (HRD) teams have realised that it is not so easy getting the executives to attend such training programmes. Firstly, having the functional executives to be released for training purposes itself is tough. Most of them would be holding key portfolios, and their immediate superiors won’t easily release them for training, jeopardising their routine work. Even if they did attend these programmes, as mentioned above, their attention span would be brief and the desired objectives won’t be realised. So the companies sought the services of dedicated trainers, who take the groups of executives out of the corporate environment to places where there is natural environment with trees or rocks or forests, and camp there for some duration. The length of the camps can be 3 to 5 days and by the end of these exciting informal times the team has, they develop a nice bonding and working together under tough situations becomes second nature to them.

Types of Activities and Games Played

A few of the fun team building activities can be tried in the office environment as well, but the informal atmosphere and outfit help designing the activities better. There are two ways the training team can put the managers and executives through. One is where some tasks are given, and the group is divided into 2 groups and possibly a leader singled out in each. These tasks could resemble some of the activities in the corporate world. The teams then do their own brainstorming and delegate role play and come up with the solutions. Their activities are closely watched so that any corrections in the approach can be pointed out. The fun element has to be there in the way the task is handled. read more

Death is such an unfortunate thing, as much it is hurtful it is also inevitable for every person whether young or old. When faced with the demise of a loved one, the best thing you can do is arrange for a respectable send off that will also serve as a remembrance for the years to come. Academy Funeral Services are a funeral home in Sydney dedicated to ensuring that you and your loved ones have an easier experience amid the painful loss.

Their qualified staff work with you in making funeral arrangements tailor-made to meet your wishes and desires as you create the last memories of your loved one. Even though Australia has a mixed cultural society, Academy Funeral Services are ready to meet your traditional needs and rituals or any special request you may have.

Among the popular funeral ceremonies that can be arranged at the funeral home include;

1.   Traditional Funeral Services

These services are meant to commemorate the life of the deceased whereby the funeral home arranges for an open or closed casket with the body present. Mourners will then gather to pay their last respects and express their condolences.

The service can help in the funeral home’s chapel whereby the various religious leaders (depending on traditions/customs) will preside over the ceremony after which the body will be taken away for burial.

In some cases, the whole ceremony is conducted at the burial site but still arranged by the Academy Funeral Services.

2.   Memorial Services

Academy Funeral Services are a funeral home in Sydney that also arrange for memorial services at the home, church or any place that is meaningful to the family. Memorial services are a bit different to traditional funeral services; there are no casketed remains – the body might be lost or not yet recovered. In this case memorial services are not necessarily held within days of the death but can be arranged for later on to meet the needs of the family.

Similarly to a funeral service, family and friends also have the opportunity to express their condolences either through video tributes, music, photo boards or memory tables among other things. read more

The majority of travelers are now choosing to book online rather than going through the traditional phone booking or visiting the travel agency down the next street. Online booking offers convenience in our increasingly busy lifestyles, along with multiple options for buyers and is now much preferred by many travelers. As a business in the travel and hospitality industry, you can leverage this online shift by investing in the best online booking software for your business.

When it comes to choosing the right online booking software, tour operators are generally swamped by a variety of options to pick from. There are hundreds of companies offering one solution or another to help you capture the online travel market. With so many options in the marketplace, finding the right booking option for your company can be a tough task for anyone. Here is a simple guide that you can use in order to find what suits you best:

Determine the costs involved

When it comes to online booking software, you can choose between two main options. These include the free software and the paid software options. Free software might be free but it will not offer you the full potential in order to maximize on the direct bookings via your website portals. Free software always has limited functionality and is very basic. You are unlikely to personalize the customer experience with this kind of software tool. With the paid software tools, you can get greater flexibility and robust functionality for your software tool.

If you have chosen to go ahead with the paid software option, there are cost factors which are involved such as the setup and training for your staff, the support as well as the licensing fee which can be a fixed fee or a commission-based pricing for your software. With the fixed fee pricing, you can expect a predictable pricing model with lower monthly rates. This is also good for scalability as you can scale it up gradually as you grow your business. In the commission-based pricing model, you will only pay a fee when you get a booking. Commission-based models will also cost you more when your business grows and you are forced to pay hefty commissions to the software vendor. read more

If you are taking a break from college, a gap year is a great way to explore the world and build your experiences. Whether your aim is just to know a destination or engage in some useful activity, the period can bring life-changing experiences that may form part of the best years of your life.

Gap Year
Gap Year

Most college leavers often ask for placements in their various fields of study, in which they can acquire some work experience. For example, a gap year student may opt to teach English as a foreign language in a particular country. Other opportunities are internships and locums in particular destinations.

During that time, you can make new friends, build your CV, and even make money for your upkeep. Alternatively, you may consider a gap year volunteering program, which is another opportunity to improve your skills and build your experience. As a volunteer, you can be involved with local communities in various destinations the world over. Common projects for volunteers include agriculture, health, nutrition, wildlife conservation, and more.

It is important to remember that the projects that you carry out as a volunteer should be beneficial to you and the community in which you are based. For example, if you are a volunteer in Bali, you should take up a program that will boost your skills and experience in your field of study and benefit the community as well. Check Involvement Volunteers International for more details.

In the end, you can have a different view of the world and learn about various ways in which you can make a difference in communities and their inhabitants. However, with various organizations and programs available for volunteers, it is advisable to do your homework and choose carefully a fitting program and destination for your gap year volunteering.

Here are top tips to help you choose a volunteering project.

Find a reputable provider: as a volunteer, you still need more knowledge, skills, and experience in the program you would like to help with. Therefore, it is advisable to tap on the experience of a reputable provider. When you do that, you can find assistance with travel arrangements and benefit a great deal from the expertise. read more

With busy lives today, it can be difficult to find time to volunteer. However, volunteering benefits are enormous not only to you, but to your family and community as well. Getting the right match will help you reach out to the community, learn new skills, find new friends and advance your career. Your mental and physical health can improve just by volunteering. There are a lot of benefits of being a volunteer abroad.

Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering – the best way to learn Real Leadership

Young managers can powerfully understand and experience the art of leadership when they volunteer abroad. This is because volunteering helps them follow their vision and persuade people to grasp it.

In order for a business to succeed, managers are supposed to motivate their employees in believing that there is a greater purpose to life other that meeting their financial goals. This way, they will be motivated to work for a greater purpose of serving and making change in the community. This works well if they volunteer, for they will be working with a greater vision in mind.

Organizations that have corporate programs which encourage their employees to volunteer overseas always bring out more productive and happier workers. People who take their time to volunteer have a feeling of satisfaction and motivation. For example, if you volunteer in Fiji, you get to manage and help different individuals. In the process, you will understand the best way to manage a community of people. These leadership skills are very essential for a business to be great.

The Health Benefits

There are so many health benefits that volunteers gain when they involve themselves in volunteering activities. These include:

Quality of Life 

A study that was carried out in May 2012 by the ‘Royal Voluntary Service’ found out that when volunteering, you decrease depression and social isolation. It also boosts quality life and satisfaction. A volunteer abroad always interacts with the needy in the society they are in. Choosing to help them creates good will and satisfaction of helping the world. read more

When it comes to renewable energy, many people think about the energy in our natural resources that are replenished. The great thing about renewable energy is it allows people the opportunity to high energy costs at home by installing solar batteries. So what are solar batteries? These are panels that collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity just like the solar batteries Gold Coast has. To better understand why you need a solar battery for your home, here are its great benefits:

Image result for Solar Batteries Gold Coast

Enjoy Cheap Electricity

The reason why traditional electricity costs much higher than having solar batteries in Gold Coast is that it uses a limited resource called fossil fuel to generate electricity. You definitely do not want to invest in a home that gives you a lot of bills. With Gold Coast solar batteries, you get to enjoy cheap electricity and not worry about unpredictable utility increase in your bills.

It is Good for the Environment

As mentioned above, a solar battery uses panels to collect energy from the sun and then convert it into energy. This is actually a great way to lessen your carbon footprint. Buying the solar batteries Gold Coast has will allow you to enjoy the electricity in your home and save the environment at the same time.

Keeps the Economy Growing

With more people interested in having solar batteries at home, the employment rate will go higher. Solar companies will need new employees to be able to install solar batteries in other people’s homes. Not only will it provide an opportunity for skilled workers but it will make the economy grow.

It Improves Grid Security

Blackouts will always be present as there will be repairs needed in most electric companies. However, there are times when natural disasters come and that is something people cannot control. Installing solar batteries at home will ensure that you still get electricity at home in times of emergency. People who opt to buy the solar batteries Gold Coast has are less likely to experience having blackouts at home. read more

Why You Should Obtain your Master's Degree at an Online University

There is that doubt constantly creeping up when it involves relying on the info, people, and also occasions happening on the internet. Also, it isn't really quite that surprising given the access as well as possibilities anyone could do to easily manipulate things. However, with the surge of cyber crime legislation, the web is a refuge again, particularly now that it has brought to life numerous careers and companies. One of the highlights for the web's effectiveness is on education. Now, with the aid of a reputable online college, you could get a degree in administration or perhaps a Masters in Teaching or any type of training course of your choice! More information at licenciatura en administracion

Here are some factors on how training courses like Masters in Teaching or degree in administration on the net are helpful for one's profession advancement: Click here Universidad de Negocios ISECfor more details.

• You can save money on tuition and various other costs.

• You learn at your personal speed.

• There is no limit to which training course or level you could finish.

• You could obtain a work-school-life balance.

• You do not have to commute to participate in the classroom.

• You could have practical, quick-paced online courses.

Many aspirants on the Gold Coast shift to a real estate career in hopes of becoming an agent or a property manager. But even with the abundance of good universities and training centres, a majority of hopefuls are misguided in finding real estate courses Gold Coast wide and getting the right licenses.

This article will provide vital information before you find real estate courses Gold Coast wide:

Be specific about your chosen profession

Even before looking for an institution for property vocations, you need to decide what real estate job you want to have after finishing a course. You shouldn’t be impulsive in deciding on a training program since it would be a waste of time and money if you don’t get you what you paid for.

Also, remember that a real estate agent is a generalized term to those who are inexperienced in property business. The truth is there are other types of professions aside from being an agent. By studying Gold Coast real estate courses, you can either train to become a property salesperson, consultant, or a property business operator.

Before you enrol in real estate courses Gold Coast has nowadays, you should ask yourself which of these paths you want to take:

-real estate salesperson and property manager

-or a full real estate agent and property business owner

Choosing a focused path between those two is crucial because each requires different types of Queensland real estate permits.

Licence for Full Real Estate Agent

The perks of getting this license are getting to own and operate your own property business. Unlike the Sales and Property Management Certificate holders, you can start your property business right away after completing the training program. If you are the empire-builder type, you may apply for this license. Click here Complete Property Training for more details.

Moreover, after getting this license, you can oversee and manage tasks like the Sales and Property Management Certificate holders. However, unlike them, you can apply for a Trust Account and take 19 units of competency. You can appraise, market, and sell a property while working in any real estate business. In case you’re interested in selling condo units, you can do that independently, as well. read more

Have you ever felt like doing something to help change the world? Has the thought that there are millions of people around the world who need help ever cross your mind? The truth is, for most, these are questions that merely remain as thoughts. Many feel the world is too big a place, or that actually doing something interrupts what they do and takes a lot of hard work. There are many people who sincerely want to do something but never seem to find time of from their work to lend a hand. The Involvement Volunteers Association Inc. or IVI, with its volunteering overseas program, may just be the perfect solution to complement one's life. The program uniquely blends both work and play. Its very philosophy that asks "What is my unique contribution to this world? What will I be remembered for?" stands for most of the questions that almost everyone goes through sometime in their lives.

Living with some 'moral' guilt may no longer be necessary as you try IVI's volunteering overseas program. Appeasing those conscience calls and at the same time having fun touring places, off the regular beaten tourist paths, are now easily possible with IVI. The program provides viable options for people of all ages and commitments ranging from students to corporate professionals and from family groups to disaster relief parties.

IVI provides options that are suitable for a wide variety of budget ranges as well as time spans. One's choice of countries for volunteering overseas is also extensive, with a system allowing applicants to select areas they prefer most. After over 25 years of helping aspirants volunteer overseas, IVI has all the necessary support systems and expertise to ensure both affordable and safe volunteering stays for all its participants.

While essentially a nonprofit organization, IVI recognizes that the people volunteering overseas also need time and space to act independently, and hence ample time is provided in which volunteers can go out and glimpse a sneak peak at the real world out there and interact with natives in their own turf. Check out read more

Your success in volunteering will be determined by the gap year programs you choose to enroll in. It therefore goes without saying that you should choose the program you join in carefully and wisely. From the outside looking in, it seems as though volunteer organizations are equal. But aside from determining your volunteer destination and the type of volunteer work you will be doing, the organization you choose will be responsible for the success (or failure) of the program.

As one of the most under developed countries in the world, there are several efforts for volunteering in India. It is therefore important to choose an organization that facilitates effort to volunteer India has to offer.

Here are the 3 red flags that you need to look out for (and beware) when choosing a volunteering India project and organization to work with:

Poor Logistics

When comparing gap year programs from various organizations, you might notice that the fees vary for each. The money you pay the program organizers will be used for covering the logistics of your volunteer programs abroad – from accommodation, transportation, food, and other essential supplies needed for the duration of your stay. As expected, the more logistics coordination is set up, the more expensive the program will be.

It therefore pays to know the breakdown of the fees you have to pay before joining the program so you know what is covered for them. In addition, this will give you an idea of what the program organizers will cover for you once you reach your volunteer destination. Good organizers will have a systematic plan in case when handling these logistics matter. If they are unable to provide you with a detailed guide, then you need to be worried. Volunteer organizations that have been doing their work for several years usually follow a system that they had used before. Without proper logistics in place, you need to be cautious about joining that program. You want your needs to be well coordinated once you reach your volunteer destination and you expect the organizers to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Check out read more

Building administrators handle different shenanigans daily. Among those is dealing carry heavy sets of baggage—one of those is implementing proper waste segregation habits in irresponsible occupants. Although recycling is not that new and every rental or institution has office bins or recycling bins for schools, waste segregation is still not taken seriously.

Nonchalance in Waste Segregation = More Waste

Building managers or waste management firms anywhere remind building occupants to reduce, reuse, and recycle often. Albeit those three mentioned are frequently abided by the majority of occupants, one small but a considerable aspect of building waste management is often disregarded or not taken seriously granted, and that is waste segregation.

Sure, the basic principles may be quickly familiarized by a first-grade student—separate the dry from the wet, and you're off a good segregating routine. Actually, there is more to segregation than separating two sets of garbage in different states, and that involves contamination. Being neglectful about waste segregation is more likely to lead to more squandering of resources, in regards to recyclable trash and funds.

Toxic Contamination of Dried-up or Recyclable Products

Meanwhile, one particular factor that's often dismissed in waste segregation is the possible infection of recyclable or dry waste.

Since recycling includes working with rubbish possessing reusability quality, segregation is crucial in preserving that quality through preventing contamination. And because of that, office spaces should never take waste segregation for granted.

Once your dry trash is infected, it's as good as hazardous trash—you probably would not prefer a dry and recyclable to wind up in landfills, right?

How does dry or recyclable garbage get infected?

Simply put, recyclable trash gets infected the moment it gets combined with hazardous or rejected trash. Say, if you're utilizing a small wheelie bin and a yellow recycling bin with lid or blue outdoor recycling bins, contamination is most likely to happen if you are nonchalantly combining plastic bags, damp garbage, rubbish bags, and food scrap together. read more

The Microsoft SharePoint Server is often regarded as the Ultimate Collaboration tool for most businesses. When it is appropriately deployed, businesses are able to unlock plenty of advantages that are built into this robust collaboration and site development tool. These include more secure processes which can be managed via an environment that is quite familiar and seamlessly deployed into the business collaboration infrastructure. The Microsoft SharePoint Server can be deployed in the business on-premise or alternatively as a hosted service. SharePoint is built with integrated features that enable businesses in quickly responding to their critical needs while relying on the business insights which are data-driven. Microsoft SharePoint Designer training equips you with the capability to competently manage these applications and develop quality applications which are predictable and cost-effective.

The Microsoft SharePoint Designer training course is suited for a delegate that has SharePoint experience. This can be a SharePoint Power user such as a site owner or a Site Collection Administrator that is interested in customizing the SharePoint design or in adding extra functionality to the SharePoint sites. The course equips the delegates with the skills to make use of the SharePoint Designer tools as well as the features in the creation and customization of the SharePoint sites. With the Microsoft SharePoint Designer training course, a delegate will also be able to perform the following functions:

  • Creating and administering of permission groups
  • Creating and formatting of the web pages
  • Creating and editing of the links
  • Adding and modifying of the lists as well as the library views
  • Creating and styling the master pages
  • How to customize the Quick Launch as well as the Top Link bars
  • Developing the site pages and understanding both the use of the HTML and CSS styling

Course Prerequisites

A delegate wishing to undertake the Microsoft SharePoint Designer training course must have undertaken an introductory course on Microsoft SharePoint for end users. It would also be advantageous if one is equipped with knowledge of both CSS and HTML although these are not necessarily essential.

By the end of the Microsoft SharePoint Designer training course, the programmer must have learnt the following:

  • After the learning program, a delegate must be able to describe what SharePoint Designer is and outline its features, advantages as well as the options for support.
  • The delegate will be able to not only access but also modify data sources using a SharePoint site.
  • They will be able to develop Workflows using the Visio 2013 as well as the SharePoint Designer.
  • They will be able to create Workflows using the SharePoint Designer along with the SharePoint Workflow platform.
  • Learn the configurations and customizations of the content types in Microsoft SharePoint. This will ensure the consistency of data across libraries as well as lists.
  • Learn how to package and also deploy workflows by using the SharePoint Server as well as the SharePoint designer.

You can learn the SharePoint Designer training course offered by New Horizons Australia and increase your knowledge and expertise in the deployment and management of the platform. read more

History of AIW

The Association of Iranian Women (AIW) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that campaigns for the improvement of women's rights. AIW reports violence against women and works to eliminate gender discrimination. The AIW was established in January of 1993 to educate and empower Iranian women throughout the United States. The Association works towards building a network committed to the idea of advocating women's rights. Through the help of volunteers, the Association promotes opportunities with which Iranian women in the U.S. help themselves.


The source of motivation for AIW activities is the continuous subjection of women under the current non-Islamic Fundamentalist Regime in Iran. In the name of Islam, influential religious clerics (mullahs) have enforced measures which have stripped women of their social rights and human dignity. They have instituted a strict dress and "appearance" code for women in offices and public places, warning women about "improper smiles" in public, and influencing dehumanizing punishment on women for wearing makeup or accidentally allowing a strand of hair to escape from under their scarves. Under the guidance of mullahs, the government has dismissed all women judges and prosecutors as unreliable, prohibited married women from attending school and unmarried women from leaving the country, limited schooling for young girls and lowered the age of marriage to nine. As a result coercion, and insecurity within their own families. The mistreatment of women in Iran has motivated AIW to focus its work on so-called "Islamic Fundamentalism" as a form of oppressive political system, identifying it as one of the major problems our world faces today. Therefore AIW has placed the defense of Iranian women's rights on its agenda as a moral responsibility to identify and condemn the threat to women's rights.

Our Mission

· To cooperate with national and international organizations who defend human rights and adopt measures to globally promote women's rights.

· To participate in international and national meetings involving individuals and organizations committed to investigating the situation of human rights, particularly women's rights, and cases of specific violations of women's rights. read more